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Demister is used as a separating and refining system in the fields of oil refining, salt-manufacturing, petrochemical business, gas chemistry, synthetic chemistry, sugar-manufacturing, and other chemical industries. In addition, it is used for the tower packing for vacuum towers, the pressure collection system for various industries, and the system for preventing environmental pollution. Its applications by business type and system are as per the below.

Chemical fertilizer factory, Salt-manufacturing factory, Pulp factory Food factory, Alcohol factory, Oil refining factory, Natural gas, City gas factory, Lactic Acid Factory, Sugar-manufacturing factory, Glass factory, Steel-manufacturing factory, Oxygen factory, Petrochemical factory for the prevention of environmental pollution
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Vacuum Tower - The treatment quantity by the demister goes up by 35%. The quality of oil gas is improved.
Absorber - Some gasoline plants use a glycol absorber (Demister ® mounted) so the installation cost is being repaid within a month.
Knockout Drums and Separators - If Demister ® is used, ⅓inch drum is sufficient.
Gas Separator Vessels - Hydrocarbon in gases is collected so gas of 1/0.1 billion purity is produced out.
Evaporator - Product loss goes down and purity is remarkably improved.
Scrubber - In the field of caustic soda, the demister is used to prevent air pollution.
Distillation Column - If Demister ® is used, the cost for distillation goes up, the quantity of treatment increases by 20%, and purity is remarkably improved.
Dust Collectors - The dust collector of a wet type has excellent collection capacity.
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