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Thank you very much for visiting Daeshin Demister Co., Ltd. (old Daeshin Industry).

Specialized in the production of the equipment and systems for Mist Separation filtering for Gas-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid Based on Industrial Field, we, Daeshin Demister, have designed, manufactured, and supplied demisters and mist eliminators by use for petroleum plants (oil refining), steel plants, chemical (medicine) plants, power generating plants, and other various industrial facility plants for the last 20 years.

The mist contained in gases has bad influence on several fields, such as air pollution, corrosion of machines, and loss of materials. The mist that is mechanically generated from scrubbers, cooling towers, and evaporators has quite big particle diameter of tens ~ hundreds micron, and the mist generated through condensation and chemical reaction of gases is very fine. Our mesh type demister (DSM-type) and baffled mist eliminator (DSB-type), which separate and remove bad mist, have the best quality and the standardized specifications through highly-efficient technical development, so we have been supplying them to domestic and overseas companies. In addition, we design and install tower internals and packing, and we also work on the maintenance of the existing systems.

Since founded in 1990, we, Daeshin Demister, have exerted ourselves to develop the technology of separating and removing mist. Through the development of new technology, the best quality, and the maximization of product efficiency, we are taking the initiative in the field of the systems for air environment (gas and liquid filters). We will cope with globalization with the development of environment-friendly mist separation and removal technology, the worldwide quality, and the best


With the attitude of making efforts, we will do our best for customers and render public services, we promise.

We wish your continuous coperation and encouragement.

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