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The basic design data for the effective use of the demister are as per the below.
(These data are the result of a test.)
1. Operatign Velocity
(1) Allowable max. gas Velocity
(2) Operation Velocity
    Vact = 0.2(min)~1.0(max) x V max. = 0.8(min) x V max.
    k = Coefficient = 0.108 (HD-193 Style)
In general, operating velocity is calculated based on the above equation, but re-entrainment happens at over Vmax. speed so it is safe to use at lower than that. The value of k is different, depending on the conditions for use, but the viscosity of a liquid and the load of mist quantity are not often clear so it is used based on the test result. Table 1 shows the range of Vact by gas density (eg).
2. Separation Efficiency
The theoretical value of efficiency can be calculated as per the below, but it is convenient if the test result of Table 4 is used.
3. Pressure Drop
If the demister is used, the pressure drop will be 0.1"~1.0" WG. Theoretically, it can be calculated based on the below equation.
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